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Overhead Crane Operator

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Overhead Crane Operator

Duration: 4 days

This program provides you with the knowledge and skills to ensure safety and reliability for overhead cranes.

Course Content

  • Size and characteristics of cranes

  • Operational modes

  • Major operational components

  • Emergency shutdown procedures

  • Verify access to runway disconnect

  • Lockout/tag-out requirements

  • Inspect visual and audible hazards

  • Control labeling and conditioning

  • Pendant control strain relief

  • Warning and capacity labeling

  • Wire rope or chain condition

  • Activation of warning alarm

  • Operation of hoist, bridge, and trolley

  • How to avoid shock loading

  • Floor capacity for load placement

  • Requirements for guards

  • Emergency stop function

  • Bumper and stop requirements

  • Limit devices and control functions

  • Load control and operation safety

  • Brake test procedure

  • Load block, hook and latch

  • How to determine load weight

  • How to avoid side pulling load swing

  • How to conduct a hoist brake check

  • Load path and personnel safety

  • Reporting deficiencies

  • Regulations for operators

  • Crane manufacturer’s instructions

  • Functions and limitations of cranes


On completion of the training, participants shall complete a written test to verify understanding of the course. Successful participants shall be awarded certificate of competence.

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