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Mobile Crane Operator

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Mobile Crane Operator

Duration: 4 days

The Mobile Crane Operator Training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of experienced operators, trainees, safety personnel, inspectors, maintenance personnel, managers and supervisors.

Course Content

  • Crane operational characteristics

  • Frequent and periodic inspections

  • How to read and apply load charts

  • How to use a range diagram

  • Quadrants of operation

  • Reeving and line pull

  • Proper mobile crane set-up

  • Evaluating ground and soil stability

  • Outriggers and pad loading

  • How to use a range diagram

  • Use of jibs and extensions

  • Stability vs Structural competence

  • Evaluating the load

  • Wire rope types and inspection

  • Accident prevention and root cause

  • How to determine load weight

  • Effects of side loading

  • Power line contact prevention

  • Crane hands signals

  • Personnel lifting

  • OSHA/ASME compliance

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On completion of the training, participants shall complete a written test to verify understanding of the course. Successful participants shall be awarded certificate of competence.