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Management of Lifting & Slinging

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Management of Lifting & Slinging

Duration: 2 days

This course is designed for those with a basic understanding of lifting equipment and are responsible for supervision of plant equipment on site. It is also suitable for those who supervise other Banksman/Slingers e.g. supervisors, managers, safety officers, foreman, rigging superintendents etc.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements, employer/employee obligations and responsibilities, and safe working practices pertaining to the operation of mechanical lifting

  • Outline the principles for the selection of lifting equipment

  • Demonstrate knowledge of force influences for various sling configurations

  • Demonstrate knowledge of weight estimation.

  • Select appropriate lifting equipment for various lifting operations

  • Carry out identification and pre-use inspection of lifting equipment

  • Use appropriate hand signals

  • Carry out safe, successful lifting operations and assessments

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On completion of the training, participants shall complete a written test to verify understanding of the course. Successful participants shall be awarded certificate of competence.