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Lifting Equipment Maintenance, Servicing & Storage

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Lifting Equipment Maintenance, Servicing & Storage

Duration: 2 days

This course is designed for persons whose job roles relate to the use of lifting equipment and are responsible for supervision of plant equipment on site. It is also suitable for those who supervise other Banksman/Slingers e.g. Managers, Supervisors, Safety Officers, Foreman, Rigging Superintendents, Riggers and Material coordinators etc.

Course Content

  • Rigging hardware (e.g Shackles) and proper use

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices

  • Pre-use sling and gear inspection

  • Softeners and sling protection

  • Sling hitches and applications

  • Chain slings and proper use

  • How to verify working load limit

  • Sling & hardware rating charts

  • Sling angles and angle stress

  • Load balance and center of gravity

  • Manufacturer’s instructions

  • Taglines and their proper use

  • Storage and Maintenance of lifting equipment

  • Round slings and proper use

  • Chain slings and proper use

  • Applicable legislation

  • Employer/employee obligations and responsibilities, and safe working practices pertaining to the operation of mechanical lifting

  • Principles for the selection of lifting equipment

  • Weight estimation

  • Principles, process and procedure for servicing and storage of lifting equipment

  • Principle for selection of appropriate lifting equipment for various lifting operations

  • Carry out identification and pre-use check of lifting equipment

  • Wire rope slings and proper use

  • Synthetic web slings and proper use


On completion of the training, participants shall complete a written test to verify understanding of the course. Successful participants shall be awarded certificate of competence.

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