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Banksman & Slinger Training

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Banksman & Slinger Training

Duration: 2 days

A banksman is one who relays instruction to the crane operator during lifting activities while a slinger prepares and slings loads for lifting, and release the loads at their

This training is aimed at providing participants with the basic knowledge of activities associated with the combined roles of a Banksman and Slinger, as well as the safety regulations of those activities.

Course Content

Lifting Equipment and Lifting Operations Regulations as applicable to:

  • Banksman and Slinger

  • Terminologies

  • Hazards associated with Lifting operations and the appropriate control

  • Common lifting appliances and lifting accessories

  • Pre-use checks of lifting appliances and accessories

  • The basic principles of crane operations

  • Weight identification and estimation of the load

  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel in a lifting crew

  • Hand, voice, and audible signals

  • Storage procedures for packing materials, lifting appliances and accessories

  • Working around power lines

  • Clearance requirements for cranes

  • Reaction to power line contact

  • Keeping clear of the load (Fall zone)


On completion of the training, participants shall complete a written test to verify understanding of the course. Successful participants shall be awarded certificate of competence.

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