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Cygnus Instruments - UK

Cygnus manufactures ultrasonic non destructive testing (NDT) equipment for maintenance and inspection in a wide range of applications including ship surveys, oil & gas platform checks, underwater inspections, hatch cover weather-tightness testing and many more. Cygnus now carries 3 product lines: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Weather Tightness Testers and Ultrasonic Flooded Member Detectors. Manufactured in the UK, Cygnus ultrasonic equipment are quality-built, tough and durable which is reflected by the 3 year warranty we supply.


The extensive Megger product portfolio provides electrical test equipment for an exceptionally wide range of applications at any point of the electricity network. From small handheld low voltage equipment such as multi function installation testers through to high voltage asset test equipment like insulation resistance testers, circuit breaker analyzers, protection relay test systems to transformer condition measurement devices.Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment in factories located in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and USA. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets.we supply.

Delta Electronics - Netherlands

Data Electronics is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions and offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communications, power quality improvement, human machine interfaces, sensors, meters and robot solutions. DELTA also provides information monitoring and management systems such as SCADA and industrial EMS for complete, smart manufacturing solutions.