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Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging solutions are designed and constructed to protect goods from atmospheric, magnetic, electrostatic, vibration or shock damage. Protective packaging solutions include: barrier bags, ESD static shielding bags, UV inhibitors, vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bags and wraps, industrial-strength heat shrink film wraps, desiccants and absorbent products and the Shockwatch® Program Damage Control System. These solutions are applicable to various industries including aviation, automotive, construction, logistics and transports, energy, electronics, military and defense.

Protective Packaging products provide a means to control the environment around the part using high barrier films that are impervious to moisture and oxygen. The relative humidity (RH) inside of the packaging will be as close to zero as possible. Far below the 40% RH level at where corrosion occurs.

Shrinkwrap Packaging Systems

One of the latest innovation in protective packaging is a polyethylene film that covers even the largest or most irregular shaped product in preparation for flatbed or container shipping. Protective Packaging Corporation’s shrink-wrap film coating forms a shell that provides a controlled, dry interior atmosphere for containerization, crate, flat rack and barge – saving labor and replacing the use of inefficient tarps.

Shockwatch® Program

The Shockwatch® label affixes directly to shipping cartons and turns from clear to red if the carton is dropped or mishandled. With the Shockwatch® program from Protective Packaging Corporation, you can reduce damage by preventing mishandling and protecting against warranty abuse.

Why Choose Us

For more than 20 years, Protective Packaging Corporation formally Specialty Bags Corporation, has put quality into a full line of protective packaging solutions. Whether it’s protecting an A/C compressor unit large enough to cool a high-rise office building, or an O-ring that will make it run, when you want to protect any product or part in Nigeria, turn to Engineering Automation Technology Ltd. We are a world class engineering services provider and credible partners of Protective Packaging Corporation in Nigeria.


As a world class engineering services provider, we are passionate about using our expertise to provide solutions for corrosion, moisture, static, rust, mold, humidity and damage control. Whether your product is two ounces or two hundred tons, we have a flexible packaging solution for you.


Pros to using barrier packaging as opposed to other forms of preservation packaging.

  • Guarantees no corrosion – reduces labor costs
  • Parts do not need to be cleaned beforehand, material is robust and extremely durable to apply
  • It provides long-term preservation with no shelf-life for the preservation. Parts can be preserved well in excess of 20 years in many cases.
  • Parts are preserved regardless of surrounding environments – once packaged, there is no maintenance. Set it and forget it.