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EATECH does everything within the boundaries of corporate culture to deliver exactly what a customer orders inline with description and quality. In an event where we supply non-conforming products in line with a customer's request - We would replace such products at no cost to the customer(s). Do not hesitate to report any non-conforming product(s) to the corporate Quality Manager or the Managing Director.

Yes, provided it is within our scope and authorized region.

Yes but subject to availability space and project at that particular time and the course of study of the Interns or corp members.

Our corporate office is in Lagos - 9A Olaitan Sebanjo Street Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. We have our fully equipped project office at Port Harcourt and an industrial yard in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. Our industrial yard possesses all the necessary infrastructure for Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel & Stainless Carbon Steel Fabrication, Stacking Area, Spool Assembly Area, Blasting/Coating Bay, Warehouse, Office Accommodation, Training Facilities and Residence for Staff/Clients.

Contact any of our offices in Nigeria or send an email to You can also complete the online request form on our products page. Click here to navigate to our products page.

This depends on several factors including the details specified in the request. If all the technical details are complete, you will receive an offer within 1 to 5 days depending on the complexity of your request and the availability of a subject matter expert.

Over the years, the greatest challenge that has plagued the industrial community has been the presence of work-place hazards. In EATECH, we are very much aware that accidents/incidents occur either due to unsafe condition. By identifying, assessing, controlling and preparing recovery measures for all hazards at all times, such that the risks can be reduced to as low as reasonably practicable, we strive to achieve our noble objective of ZERO LTI, ZERO Fatality and ZERO Loss of Assets.

Our esteemed workforce shows commitment to safety fundamentally by methodical introspection and executing their safety tasks with the same enthusiasm and interest as their operational tasks, a welcome disposition which has made all of them safety leaders.

For us, our Safety Management System is an integral part of our business, and is of equal importance to service quality, motivation, and profitability. Interestingly, after deep reflections of both Management and staff on our resolve to constantly accentuate on those substances that promote our safety, we collectively gave to ourselves the organizational safety slogan of STAY ALERT, DON'T GET HURT!. This alertness has been and remains the prime-mover of our efforts at maintaining and promoting safe work practices in our work environment, our various homes and the wider environment. This slogan is positively engraved on our organizational heart and elevated above the status of a mere mantra such that at all times we gladly echo - Stay Alert, Don't Get Hurt!!!

Information regarding our recruitment process along with corresponding guidelines would be dvertised on our website whenever we have an opening.